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The photo above is why I reboot three times a year. It’s why I ask my friends and family to join me. Rebooting has changed my life. Not just with weight loss, but with more energy, clarity, and self-control. Join me. You can do it! I’ll walk with you. I’ll share my recipes and resources.

I am the author of the 2019 Goals Journal and founder of the Goals Slayers Club. I am very passionate about goal setting and achieving. I found a system that works for me and decided to share it with as many people as I can. I am NOT a doctor, nutritionist, or healthcare professional. I am not a pharmacist, herbalist, or health and fitness trainer. So, this guide should not be considered as professional advice. I’m simply sharing my plan with you - the one that works for me based on my own research, as well as movies and books I’ve read for myself. Please, take responsibility for this journey. Do your own research. Talk with your doctor, herbalist, fitness trainer, and whoever else is a part of your professional healthcare team.