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Goals and God: 2 Book Pk: 2021 Goals Journal & Copy of Coffee, Candlelight & Conversations With God

Sherea VeJauan

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Goals and God: 2 Book Pk: 2021 Goals Journal & Copy of Coffee, Candlelight & Conversations With God
Goals and God: 2 Book Pk: 2021 Goals Journal & Copy of Coffee, Candlelight & Conversations With God
  •  1 - Paperback Copy of The 2020 Goals Journal
  • 1- Paperback Copy of Coffee, Candlelight & Conversations With God


About The 2020 Goals Journal:

Sheréa VéJauan shares the ups and downs of her own goal-setting journey as she introduces you to her Seven-Step Method, a unique roadmap that challenges you to uncover your own potential and accomplish more than you thought you could. Useful tools like guided exercises, inspirational quotes, motivational songs, and more help keep you inspired.

 Fully revised and updated, this 10th Anniversary Edition includes:

  • Monthly Goal-Setting Themes
  • Self-Reflection and Assessment
  • Recommended Reading for Goal Setters and Achievers
  • 2021 Calendars and Weekly Goal Accountability Tracker

Exceed Your Own Expectations: Understand your own motivations through self-reflection and evaluation as you learn to set achievable goals. Begin with creating a vision for what you’d like to see your life include spiritually, financially, and socially, at work, in your community, and at home. Then learn how to set milestones and take action! Focus on and maintain your ideal balanced life.

Live Your Dreams: Build the life of your dreams, one goal at a time. Let Sheréa VéJauan’s 2021 Goals Journal be your guide and roadmap to success!

Bonus offer: After you purchased your 2021 Goals Journal. Request to join the VIP group at We are going through the journal chapter by chapter. You must show proof of purchase.

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About Coffee, Candlelight & Conversations With God:


The perfect companion to start your day with prayer and thanksgiving, Coffee, Candlelight, and Conversations with God invites you into an atmosphere of calm and comfort, fresh-brewed coffee and fragrant, flickering candlelight, as you prepare your mind and heart to be present with God.

For years, Sheréa VéJauan has been using 1 Timothy 2:1-4 as a template for morning prayer and self-reflection. Now, she shares with you her pathway to spiritual mindfulness, as she invites you into an experience that provides a personal roadmap to help you contemplate the daily workings of the Lord in your life. Her newest journal, a format she has used herself for more than five years, plots a course for your thoughts that encourage you to:


  • Start your day with thanksgiving
  • Recognize what God has already done for you
  • Submit your prayer requests
  • Affirm what you already believe in
  • Forgive those who have wronged you
  • Spend time praying for others in need

The journal also features inspirational biblical quotes to help you get started on each entry, and is designed to help you connect more deeply with yourself and your faith.

Commit to recording your spiritual reflections each day, and you will have a window into God’s will and purpose for your life as you look back over the days, months, and years at how he has answered your prayers!

Enjoy your mornings, enjoy your coffee, and most importantly enjoy your conversations with God!

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