2018 Goal Slayers Boot Camp Resources - PDF Download

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2018 Goal Slayers Boot Camp Resources:

If you’re looking for support, motivation, and inspiration while achieving your 2018 goals– then you’ll want to become an active member of our 2018 Goal Slayers Community.  We are currently using Sherea VeJauan's 2018 Goals Journal to stay on track.

This is a pdf download of all of the worksheets we use throughout the year. Download. Print and 3-hole punch for your Goal Slayers Binder. This resource includes:

  • Sherea VeJauan's Goal Slayers Boot Camp Goals Journal 
  • 52 Mondays 2018 Companion Journal
  • Boot Camp Binder Cover Sheet
  • 2018 Calendars 
  • 2018 Goal Challenge Worksheets
  • Monthly Meet-UP worksheets

Other Worksheets

  • Weekly Meal Planner
  • Word of the Year

and more..

 Each time we add worksheets to this file, you will receive an update

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