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52 Mondays Goal Challenge Series -Week #29: Write Your Own Success Story Companion Worksheet

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Note: These worksheets are designed to be used with the coffee & crayons live video or audio broadcast on Facebook. 

All great acts are ruled by intention. what you mean is what you get.” ― Brenna Yovanoff, the replacement

Our goal is to break this year down – one Monday at a time. This week, you are going grab your journal, Evernote App, Google Docs, or whatever you use to keep notes and begin to write out your success story in advance. Where are you now? What challenges do you think you might face while on your way to your goal, and how will you overcome them?

Then, picture yourself on the other side of your goal. Think about how you are going to feel when you reach your goals. Go a step further, and find a photo that will express those emotions and secure it to your written story.

Use this worksheet to help you begin to craft your success story.