Valentine’s Ideas for Families

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Valentine’s Ideas for Families

Valentine’s Ideas for Families


Valentine’s Day is a day to share with the ones that you love. If you’re like many people, this includes your children. There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the whole family. Scroll down below to see a few ideas.

  Start Valentine’s Day for your family with a big surprise for each family member. Everyone likes to get little gifts throughout the day on Valentine’s Day. Make small mailboxes to place on the back of each family member’s chair. This is a craft that can be done the day before Valentine’s Day with your children. Use half of a cereal box to make each mailbox. Cover the outside of the mailbox in either red or pink construction paper. Decorate each mailbox with the person’s name and cut out hearts and glitter to make it special for each person. Use a hole punch to place two holes on the back of the mailbox. Use these holes to attach the mailbox to the back of each person’s chair at the kitchen table with ribbon. mailbox   Before everyone gets up Valentine’s Day morning place a card and a small gift into each person’s Valentine’s Day mailbox. The gift can be a small stuffed animal or even a little bit of chocolate. The idea is to give each family member a small surprise gift to start their Valentine’s Day off right.   Prepare a special Valentine’s Day breakfast for your family. This should be a big meal that includes all of your family’s favorite breakfast foods. You will want to make heart-shaped pancakes for this event. You can attempt to make these by hand or use stencils that they sell in cooking stores. You can place chocolate chips in some of the pancakes for those in your family that enjoy chocolate. Make sure to include fresh fruit like strawberries to place on the pancakes. You can also make heart-shaped toast. Once the toast is out of the toaster and buttered use a heart-shaped cookie cutter on them.  Make eggs, bacon, and any other breakfast favorites of your family.heartwafflemaker   Plan a family fun day. One of the best things to do is to take your family to the park if the weather is good. Even on a brisk day, a day out at the park can be a day for your family to bond and explore nature. This is a fun and great exercise for you and your family. Many parks have playgrounds for the younger children to play on. You can pack a lunch or a special treat to have on your outing. Finish your family’s Valentine’s Day fun with a special sit down dinner. Use your best dishes to set the table and even place a centerpiece on the table to make the dinner special. You can even go so far as to request each family member dress up for the dinner. Make a homemade meal for your entire family to enjoy. You can go around the table and share everyone’s favorite part of their Valentine’s Day.     sherea vejauan Sheréa VéJauan is the author of  the 2017 Goals Journal, as well as several other titles, including, My Goals Journal, Realistically Speaking: Speaking What's Real, Keeping What's Holy, 7 Simple Steps to Achieving Your Business Goals, 3 Simple Steps to Creating a Powerful Vision Board, 52 Mondays Companion Journal, and many others. Sheréa resides in Southern California, devoted wife of twenty-five years to her husband Brian, and mother to their three children, Reginald, Jasmyn and Kennedy.    

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